The Republic of Tea

Almost all of us have at some point dreamed of starting our own business but have not been able to get past our fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about pursuing those dreams. Through a 20-month exchange of faxes, The Republic Of Tea chronicles the feelings and emotions of three partners as they confront their fears and dreams to create an enormously successful start-up company. The book shows the budding entrepreneur how to start a successful business that embodies his or her own soul and economic realities.

The insightful correspondence between Mel Ziegler and Patricia Ziegler, co-founders of The Banana Republic chain, and their new partner Bill Rosenzweig provides a map for the entrepreneur. It tells of the day-to-day breakthroughs and breakdowns of the creative process–inventing a product, developing a plan, and structuring a business partnership–and even provides the actual business plan used to raise money for the venture. As part of the new Currency paperback line, the book includes a “User’s Guide”–an introduction and discussion guide created for the paperback by the authors to help readers make practical use of the book’s ideas.

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